Voyage to Antafrica 4: Assault on the Galley

December 11, 2010

As we continue the tale of the Steampunk Family's Voyage to Antafrica, we find the twins, Mirabelle and Annabelle, up to mischief, which is not so unusual, but what they spy on the slopes on the Great Himalayas is.

Our theme music is performed by The Polka Dots, who are loaded with vampy charisma. For more Steampunk Family stories and projects, visit our website.


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  • Sharyn

    No! It can’t end here! What will Chef do to the twins? Why wasn’t the marshmallow tin in its rightful place? And what exactly did the twins see? So many questions…*dramatic sigh* I shall wait somewhat patiently for the next episode. :)

    Dec 11, 2010 at 11:13 am